Ayad Akhtar

Integrated Performance - The Feeling of Reality

Ayad Akhtar ist ein New Yorker Regisseur, Schauspieler und vielfach - u.a. mit dem Pulitzer Preis - ausgezeichneter Autor wird nach 2018 voraussichtlich auch im Studienjahr 2020/21 wieder als Gast-Dozent an der Schauspielakademie gemeinsam mit Sigrid Reisenberger einen mehrtägigen Workshop zum Thema Präsenz und Authentizität leiten.
"A living being before a living audience. Relationship unmediated by the contemporary disembodying screen. Not the appearance of a person, but the reality of one. Not a simulacrum of relationship, but a form of actual relationship.

The theater is an art form scaled to the human, and stubbornly so, relying on the absolute necessity of physical audience, a large part of why theater is so difficult to monetize. It only happens when and where it happens. Once it starts, you can’t stop it. It doesn’t exist to be paused or pulled out at the consumer’s whim. It can’t be copied and sold. In a world increasingly lost to virtuality and unreality — the theater points to an antidote.

A living actor before a living audience. The situation of all theater, a situation that can awaken in us a recollection of something more primordial, religious ritual — the site of our earliest collective negotiations with our tremendous vulnerability to existence. The act of gathering to witness the myths of our alleged origins enacted — this is the root of the theater’s timeless magic.“ ("An Antidote to Digital Dehumanization? Live Theater". The New York Times)

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Foto © Nina Subin